May 5, 2009 - Insurance Card Scanning - Expanded Instructions
(applies to Suzy Dental and Medical)

Suzy Dental and Medical now support scanning and retrieval of insurance cards. Suzy will scan and store both sides of a standard sized insurance card so that the user can display the card on their screen with only a few key strokes.

Suzy keeps the last 5 copies of each card scanned for both the primary and secondary insurance companies. To use this feature it is necessary only to purchase a card scanner.  Suzy currently supports only the Card Scanning Solutions 800N and 800N Duplex A6 scanners.  These scanners are identical except that the Duplex scanner will scan both sides of a card at once, whereas the standard scanner requires that the card be inserted twice.

How to Scan Insurance Cards

Once the scanner has been set up and calibrated, scanning and viewing is done from the patient information screen.   Select "View/Scan Insurance Card".  This will start insurance card scanning/viewing program.

If the computer you are using does not have a scanner attached, the buttons for scanning will not be highlighted, but you can view any previously scanned cards.

Suzy keeps track of insurance cards by insurance company number, not insurance company name.   This allows a user to scan in a card before having to enter all the insurance information.   The card will be assigned to "Insurance Company 1" and the detailed information can be entered at a later time.

If a person's insurance coverage changes (i.e., insurance companies change or the order of the existing companies change) then the cards must be moved to the appropriate company.  There is an option in the scanning/viewing program to do this, in addition to options for removing cards or printing a copy.

To scan cards, click the "Scan" button for the appropriate insurance company.   (Note: there is a button to scan and view cards for insurance company no. 3, but that is only a "place holder" for holding additional cards since Suzy only currently allows 2 insurance companies for each person.)  The scanning program will start with a window of instructions on how to scan.   These instructions are just a summary of the information contained here.

Click OK and the scanning program main menu will appear.

Do NOT change anything on the menu.  You only need to insert the card in the scanner at this point and scanning will proceed.  The card should be inserted sideways (that is, the widest part of the card goes left to right) as far to the right as possible, with the first side pointing down and the top of the first side going into the scanner.  The scanner will immediately start pulling the card through, so make sure you release it as soon as the scanner grabs it.  (Note: this takes a little practice.   Remember you can erase the images after you scan them so you can practice all you want)

(Note: if you have purchased a duplex scanner both sides have now been scanned so skip the next paragraph)

Once the card passes through the image will appear on the screen.  (Note: If the card was not correctly scanned just click the "Exit" button and respond 'Yes' to the prompt about discarding the image.  You can then redo the scan.)

Now take the card, flip it over, and insert it the same way (sideways, as far to the right as possible, with the top of the card going into the scanner).  The card will once again be pulled through the scanner and the back side of the card will appear on the screen.

Now click on the "Exit" button.  A window will appear for a second telling you the list of images has changed.   Now click on View for the appropriate insurance company and both sides of the card will appear.   If the card did not scan correctly just remove it and repeat the procedure.  

To remove a card, display it, then right click on the card description on the right side of the screen.   A menu will appear which will allow you to switch the insurance company the card has been assigned to or to remove it.

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